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Sunstar Engineering’s brands are trusted by the world’s leading companies. Under the Penguin, Braking, Sunstar and QAIS brands, we deliver outstanding technical solutions backed by rigorous testing and scientific evidence.

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Advanced adhesives and sealants for the automotive, construction and electronics industries

For Automotive

Penguin automotive materials are used in various manufacturing phases, such as attaching windshields, filling cavities and bonding panels. Our products ensure quality throughout the production process, streamlining operations and enabling greater efficiency. All products are customized to deliver the best possible performance and satisfy most automotive adhesive, sealing and coating needs.

Automotive Adhesives & Sealants

For Construction

Penguin construction materials help provide sound, healthy living environments in high-rise buildings and residential homes. Designed to support the shift from rigid to flexible structures and the proliferation of new construction methods, our products respond to the needs of construction professionals. Penguin Indoor Seal was the world’s first interior sealant to mitigate “sick building” syndrome, suppressing all 13 chemicals designated as indoor pollutants by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Construction Chemicals

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For Electronics

Penguin electronic materials are used in a wide range of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, drive recorders and solar panels. Our adhesives are highly resistant to drop impact and temperature cycles, protecting sensitive components and improving electrical insulation.

Electronic Adhesive

High-performance custom sprockets and disc rotors based on extensive research and development

Many years of OEM production and large quantities of test data enable us to offer unique products that meet the demands placed upon them in the pursuit of superior safety, reliability, and riding performance for two-wheeled vehicles. Our integrated production system incorporates the latest technologies with original production techniques refined through years of development.

The Sunstar brand of sprockets and disc rotors shares the company name and is differentiated through the stylized yellow and blue logo.

Drive Components

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Innovative motorcycle brake components, respected worldwide for superior functionality, design and reliability

Braking’s Wave Disc — a revolutionary form differing from conventional round brake discs helped position Braking as an innovator in high-performance motorcycle parts. Founded in Italy, Braking is very active in the motorcycle aftermarket and racing sectors, contributing to a number of racing titles around the world. Always moving forward, the Braking brand is now expanding to the UTV and bicycle part markets.

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Leading Sunstar’s entry into the Air Deodorization and Disinfection business under the concept of “fresher air for a healthier you”

In pursuit of a stress-free air environment that helps maintain wellbeing, we have developed the QAIS-air-01 for hospitals, nurseries, and other healthcare facilities. Equipped with TMiP, a next-generation photocatalytic deodorization and sterilization system, it quietly decomposes bacteria and viruses into water and carbon dioxide through a photocatalytic reaction, deodorizing unpleasant substances in the air and eliminating harmful organic compounds.

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