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Penguin Seal (for buildings, item number SA7500, MS2500, etc.)

Excellent weather resistance, excellent design, and proven waterproof performance

Waterproof performance of buildings can be improved by filling this seal between outer wall panels. This prevents the water leakage of buildings and helps to improve the asset value by maintaining their appearances for a long time.

  • Excellent weather resistance (equivalent to 20 years for high-rise building in the actual environment)
    Penguin Seal SA7500 showed a weather resistance equivalent to 20 years in the actual environment in accelerated tests with its polymer design.
Product name Initial state Accelerated exposure for 3,000 hours (equivalent to 10 years in the actual environment) Accelerated exposure for 6,000 hours(equivalent to 20 years in the actual environment)
Penguin Seal SA7500 (SA-2*)    
  Modified silicone type (MS-2, general purpose)    

* Accelerated exposure test method: sunshine weather meter specified by JIS** A1415 (5 mm thick)
* 300 hours with the sunshine weather meter (WS-A method specified by JIS** A1415) is equivalent to 1 year of usage in the actual environment

*SA-2: SA=Silyl terminated Acrylate, 2=2 component **JIS=Japanese Industrial Standard

  • Excellent appearance (reduce contamination to the surroundings)
    Penguin Seal SA7500 not only has excellent weather resistance, but also suppresses water-repellent-contamination, a typical problem with silicone sealants, and contributes to maintaining the aesthetics of the building.
  Product name   After 1 year of outdoor exposure
  Penguin Seal SA7500 (SA-2*)  
  Silicone type (SR-2, general purpose)  

*SA-2: SA=Silyl terminated Acrylate, 2=2 component

  • Track record of adoption in various properties
    Penguin Seals are trusted and used in various properties in Japan, as they are also suitable for earthquake-prone countries.
Construction track record: Tokyo (Japan) / Roppongi Hills, TV Asahi Broadcasting Center
  • The capability and reliability of our products is ensured through rigorous testing and scientific evidence. Please check the video of the fatigue test for construction adhesives as an example.

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