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Penguin Seal (for houses, item number includes 2550UP)

Excellent weather resistance, excellent appearance, in various colors, and proven waterproof performance

Waterproof performance of buildings can be improved by filling this seal between outer wall panels to prevent the water leakage of buildings. The products also come in various colors so that they match with the color of the walls, and help to improve the asset value by maintaining appearances of the buildings for a long time.

  • Excellent weather resistance (equivalent to 20 years for houses in the actual environment)
    Penguin Seal 2550UP shows a weather resistance equivalent to 30 years in the actual environment in accelerated tests with its polymer design.
 Product name Accelerated exposure for 3,000 hours (equivalent to 10 years in the actual environment)Accelerated exposure for 6,000 hours(equivalent to 20 years in the actual environment)  Accelerated exposure for 9,000 hours (equivalent to 30 years in the actual environment)
 Penguin Seal 2550UP (MS-1)   
 Modified silicone type (MS-1, general purpose)   
* 20x magnified
* Accelerated exposure test method: sunshine weather meter specified by JIS
* A1415 (5 mm thick) * 300 hours with the sunshine weather meter (WS-A method specified by JIS* A1415) is equivalent to 1 year of usage in the actual environment

* JIS=Japanese Industrial Standard

Excellent appearanc (suppressed adhesion of sealant surface)

The surface condition of Penguin Seal 2550UP is controlled to suppress the adhesion of dust to it, which was a typical challenge with sealants.

 Product name Penguin Seal 2550UP (MS-1) Modified silicone type (MS-1, general purpose)

Various color choices

  • We can propose the optimal color for you from about 3,000 color choices, so that the sealant matches various siding boards or paints of the exterior walls.

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