About Sunstar Engineering Group

The Sunstar Engineering Group is determined to offer unique products in the fields of motorcycles and chemicals, and make contributions to safety and comfort in everyday life while improving the efficiency of the Group’s businesses and strengthening its overseas businesses centering around Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd. founded in Singapore as its global management headquarters.

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About Us

The outline and functions of Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd. are introduced here.

Top Message

Sunstar Engineering Group message from Top management.


We conduct our corporate activities based on the Corporate Motto and Fundamental Management Principles.

Business Fields

Our two main business fields that make contributions to safety and comfort in everyday life are introduced here.


Our global teams are conducting business in cooperation with each other.

Global Network

The companies, facilities and production Bases in Singapore and abroad are introduced here.


The history of Sunstar Engineering dates back to 1932, when we began sales of bicycle parts.


The activities and case examples regarding our advanced technologies and research and development are introduced here.


We conduct business activities giving consideration to harmony and symbiosis with the global environment.

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