About Us

About Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd. was founded in Singapore in 2005 as the management headquarters of the Sunstar Engineering Group for its global development. It is positioned as the production and sales base of its chemicals and motorcycles businesses.

The company works closely with the Group companies in various countries such as Japan, America, Italy, Indonesia, Thailand and China, to enhance product development, production and sales functions.

Currently, the headquarters is located at Fusionopolis, with main activities in research and development and technologies in Singapore, with financial, human resources and research specialists, controlling nine plants in Japan, Europe, America and other countries in Asia.

Global Management Centering around Singapore

Since its launch as a new group centering around Singapore in 2005, the Sunstar Engineering Group has been working to improve the efficiency of its businesses and strengthen its overseas businesses while enhancing the information network between Singapore and the bases in other countries.

Also, for market-based business development, it is important for each region to improve its independence and to quickly make decisions, and to this end, the Group plays a role in discussing and controlling important management matters of each region.

As you can see, the Sunstar Engineering Group is determined to further improve its business efficiency and increase its corporate value through comprehensive management and operation of its production, procurement & purchase, logistics and financing functions centering around Singapore.

Headquarter office of Sunstar Singapore Pte.Ltd is at the Fusionopolis in One-North business park

The Singapore Plant has launched its Operation

The Sunstar Engineering Singapore Plant that launched its operation in February 2009 and is located in an industrial park on the west coast of Singapore, functions as a global logistics center delivering processed parts to major production bases in Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia and it aims at centrally managing all solutions from material procurement to supply management.

It can be said that this is the most ideal business base from a global perspective that only Singapore can offer with its stable logistics capability achieved by the coastal infrastructure, in addition to its excellent production technologies and information systems.