Origin of the Sunstar Engineering Group

The history of Sunstar dates back to 1932, when its founder, Kunio Kaneda began sales of bicycle parts. After that, the company achieved great success by manufacturing and selling rubber glue for bicycles (adhesives for tires and tubes). At that time, rubber glue was sold in metal tubes. The decision of the founder to sell toothpaste in these metal tubes led to the birth of the first Sunstar toothpaste in 1946.

On the other hand, the business of manufacturing and selling bicycle parts that started with rubber glue for bicycles gradually expanded and the company chose to deal with gears and cranks among nearly 100 types of bicycles parts, thereby building the foundation of the current Sunstar Engineering Inc. Since then, responding to the needs and changes of the times, the rubber glue for bicycles has evolved into the polymer chemistry technologies and expanded into the chemical business such as synthetic adhesives and sealants. Also, bicycle gears and cranks have developed into the metals business field such as sprockets and brake discs for motorcycles. Now, Sunstar Engineering’s excellent technologies have produced highly sensitive sprockets and brake discs for motorcycles and these parts are used by all the motorcycle manufacturers in Japan as well as for Harley-Davidson in other countries.

The history of the Sunstar Group began with manufacturing and sales of bicycle parts such as rubber glue for bicycles and its root has a deep connection with motorcycles. Every technological development has a root, and it can be said that for Sunstar, it is bicycles.


1932 Develops rubber cement for bicycle tire tubes.
1946 Bicycle parts business starts.
Start manufacturing metal tubes.
1958 The first Japanese PVC foam synthetic leather developed.
1961 Launches production of bicycle gear crank and sprockets for motorcycles.
1964 Start manufacturing interior adhesives for automobiles/Develops Penguin Cement 332.
1965 Start motorcycle parts business.
1967 Betaseal 169 construction sealant goes on sale.
1968 Develops urethane synthetic leather, window sealants for automobiles, and direct grazing method
1978 Launches mass production of motorcycle disk brakes.
1986 Establish an American manufacturing and sales facility for automotive adhesives.
1990 Establish manufacturing and sales facilities in Thailand and Indonesia.
1992 Establish Sunstar Logistic Singapore, Pte. Ltd. (now Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd.)
1993 Establish Sunstar Chemical (Thailand), Co., Ltd.
1995 Establish PT. Sunstar Engineering Indonesia.
1998 Releases EcoCart cartridge for sealants.
2002 Develops an electric power assistance system for bicycles.
2003 Releases the eco-friendly EcoCan container.
2006 Sunstar Singapore Pte. Ltd. acquires the disk brake manufacturer Braking S.p.a. (now Braking-Sunstar S.p.a.)