As part of the Sunstar Group, we are based on these philosophies.

Basic Statements of Management Philosophy

Corporate Motto

Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life

Fundamental Management Principles

  • Be passionately consumer-focused
  • Ceaselessly pursue the most advanced technologies, highest product quality and most competitive cost
  • Build a sound, resilient business structure
  • Drive future growth by applying a global business perspective
  • Nurture human resources to their fullest potential
  • Work to achieve business goals united as one global team

Guiding Principles for Employees

  • Boldly approach your work with a strong sense of mission
  • Perform your work with a positive attitude, acting respectfully and professionally at all times
  • Strive to study continuously to strengthen your abilities and broaden your knowledge
  • Act with a challenging spirit and cultivate your creative power
  • Work together in the spirit of harmony and cooperation
  • Trust others and earn their trust
  • Endeavor to improve your health and overall wellness
  • Value the support you receive from others, reciprocate with gratitude