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The Chemical Division conducts activities in various production material fields giving consideration to the symbiosis with the environment.

In the field of building materials, we develop sealants and adhesives necessary for skyscraper construction using our polymer technology, and have made contributions to labor-saving and the improved safety and comfort of buildings.

In the field of automobiles, we invented the Window Glass Adhesion Method for the first time in Japan, and after that, successfully developed thermoset adhesives and their solventless versions. Using these technologies and products, we have developed and offered products to improve collision safety, and automatization equipment and systems for automobile production lines.

In the field of new products, we developed our unique foam gasket system utilizing our core technology and are globally expanding the business in a wide range of fields.

In addition, we developed encapsulants and underfill materials to be used for electronic devices such as mobile phones. These cutting-edge technologies help improve our customer satisfaction levels.

In the future, we will work on development in the field of new products that will lead to improved safety and security in everyday life such as antibacterial, antimicrobial and mildew-proof products.


Product Information:


The Motorcycle Division approached the development of materials for sprockets and brake discs necessary for the most important functions of motorcycles ? “drive and stop,” and has the world’s largest market shares in these fields.

What supports this position is its integrated production system which includes the processes from pressing to cutting to grinding, and we combine this with our uniquely developed cutting-edge production and processing technologies and the latest research and development capabilities to realize safety, reliability and travelling performance in harmony with other parts.


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