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Sunstar Engineering Group message from Top management

The origin of Sunstar Engineering Group business is from selling bicycle parts started in 1932. Motor cycle sprocket and disk brake, which have been developed from bicycle sprocket and crank, have become our main product of MC business and they are well known worldwide nowadays. Also, selling and production of rubber glue for bicycle business has developed into Chemical business that produces a high functional glue for both automobile & construction industry and sealing materials by utilizing its macromolecular chemical technology as main products. The 1st Sunstar toothpaste was made in 1946 came from the company founder’s decision to fill metal tubes, which is originally for rubber glue, by toothpaste.

In 2005, Sunstar Engineering Group put the global management head quarter in Singapore and has been expanding our business rapidly by recognizing accelerated economic globalization as a chance. We will provide high value added products and service worldwide by pursuing cutting edge technology and the best quality with our foundation spirit and “Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality of life” as a company policy.

Yoshihiro Kaneda, CEO

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