Making the world’s journeys safer and more comfortable

Our innovative sealants and adhesives help automotive makers create lighter, more durable and efficient vehicles, improving driving experiences for everyone.

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Drive Components

Powering exciting rides with greater safety

Our motorcycle sprockets, disc rotors and automobile parts help people around the world enjoy exciting two and four-wheel performance safely.

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Construction Chemicals

Building healthy spaces for more comfortable living

Our construction chemicals support the building of safe, healthy living spaces free of harmful compounds, ensuring the comfort and well being of residents.

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Protecting the components that power digital lives

Our highly functional adhesives and underfills protect the sensitive components in digital devices everywhere, advancing reliability and supporting electronic innovation.

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Cleaning the air for healthier environments

Our photocatalytic technologies improve indoor air quality by removing odors, harmful bacteria and viruses resulting in healthier, more pleasant spaces.

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Engineering Solutions

Outstanding technical solutions that meet the most demanding quality requirements

About Us

Trusted by the world’s leading companies to solve unique technical challenges

By combining the highest quality engineering with our commitment to finding unique solutions to tough challenges, we help the world’s best automotive, 2-wheeler and architectural companies excel.