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Application example

Tokyo (Japan) / Roppongi Hills, TV Asahi Broadcasting Center

Products used : SR2520, IB7000, MS2500, PS169N, PU9000typeNB

Tokyo (Japan) / GranTokyo South TowerCase 1Products used : SR2520, MS2500, PS169N
Tokyo (Japan) / JR SHINJUKU MIRAINA TOWER Products used : MS2500, MS2970typeNS, PS169N, PU9000typeNB
Tokyo (Japan) / Toranomon Hills Products used : MS2500, PU9000typeNB, MS2970typeNS, SR2520New
Tokyo (Japan) / Haneda Airport, Terminal 2 Products used : SR2520, MS2500, PS169N
Tokyo (Japan) / Tokyo Midtown Products used : IB7000, MS2500, PS169N, PU9000typeNB
Hokkaido (Japan) / Japanese Red Cross Society – Hokkaido Block Blood Centerand its Shared Building Products used : PU9000typeNB
Miyagi Prefecture (Japan) / Ishinomaki City, regional wholesale market of seafood Products used : MS2500, PU9000typeNB
Tokyo (Japan) / Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Annex Building Products used : MS2500 ECO CAN
Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan) / Minato Mirai
Products used :
1. Leaf minatomirai / IB7000, MS2570
2. Yokohama Media Tower / MS2500
3. the West / IB7000, MS2500
4. the East / IB7000, MS2500
5. the South / IB7000, MS2500
Aichi Prefecture (Japan) / Symphony Toyota Bldg.
Products used : MS2500, MS2500typeNB, PS169N, PU9000typeNB
Ishikawa Prefecture (Japan) / Ishikawa Prefectural Office Building
Products used : MS2500, PU980, 169
Osaka Prefecture (Japan) / Ritsumeikan University, Osaka Ibaraki Campus (OIC)
Products used : MS2500, MS2500typeNB, PS169N, PU9000typeNB, SR2520
Hiroshima Prefecture (Japan) / EKICITY HIROSHIMA
Products used : MS2500typeNB, PU9000typeNB, PU979
Kagawa Prefecture (Japan) / Takamatsu Sunport National Government Building
Products used : MS2500, MS2500typeNB, PS169N, PU9000typeNB, 2505New, 2550LM, 999TypeNB
Kochi Prefecture (Japan) / Kochi Castle Museum of History Products used : MS2500, PU9000typeNB, 2550LM, 2506mildew-proof
Fukuoka Prefecture (Japan) / Konoha Mall Hashimoto
Products used : MS2500typeNB, PU9000typeNB
Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan) / Kagoshima Chuo Terminal Building Products used : MS2500, PU9000typeNB
Aichi Prefecture (Japan) / Nagoya Dome
Products used : MS2500, 169
Saitama Prefecture (Japan) / Saitama Super Arena
Products used : MS2500, 980 , 169
Saitama Prefecture (Japan) / Saitama Stadium 2002
Products used : MS2500, MS2570
Osaka Prefecture (Japan) / Panasonic Stadium Suita © Gamba Osaka
Products used : MS2500, PU979

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